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Wondering what it's like to be a young performer? We asked Huck Borden - currently performing in The Adventures of Peter Rabbit and His Friends - and his mom, Malissa, to talk about the ups and down of life on stage. Click through to read what they had to say!

In Huck's words...

What do you like most about acting/performing?
"I love performing because I like to become different characters and bring them to life. I also love live theatre because anything could happen at any moment, it keeps you on your toes! And I really like making new friends who are interested in the same things as me."
How do you balance rehearsals, school work, and being a kid?
"I'm homeschooled so it makes it much easier to do the things I really love. I spend a lot of my time doing theatre related things, but I also really love playing video games online with my friends!"
What has been your favorite experience thus far working on The Adventures of Peter Rabbit and His Friends ?
"I've really enjoyed bringing these classic characters to life, I really like being able to use a British accent, and my castmates are a lot of fun! We all have a lot of fun doing this show together!"
Is there anything you've learned while working on the show?
"I learned how to perform in a black box theater! This is my first time doing a show like this. You have to be sure you are always on and in character and paying attention because the audience is so close to you and can see everything!"
Do you have any advice for kids who want to get into theatre/acting?
"First of all, dont be afraid to try different things your teacher might ask you to do in your theatre classes. Sometimes it might seem crazy or embarrassing, but you have to trust them. And don't forget to have fun! Acting is so much fun!"

In Malissa's words...

What is the best part about raising a young performer?
"My favorite part is watching him learn and grow, and be willing to take on and try new things. Sometimes I feel as though we are on a crazy rollercoaster because there are a lot of ups and downs in this business, but no matter what happens, it's always a lot of fun to just be along for the ride!"
What is the most difficult part about raising a young performer?
"The most difficult part of this life is juggling my career and our home life with his schedule. Finding balance is really hard sometimes, but our family believes that life is short, so live it to the fullest, and don't be afraid to dream big."
What would you say are some of the benefits of getting children involved in theatre?
"The biggest benefits of getting your child into theater is how it helps build their confidence and self-expression! What's more empowering to a child than to teach them it's ok to be seen and heard! It gives them a voice they might not otherwise have in their everyday life."
How involved are you in Huck's work as a young performer?
"I am very involved in the sense that I take him to classes, find the best places and people for him to train with and find him the auditions to go on, but when it comes down to it, he is the one putting in the hours, staying focused on what he wants, and doing all the hard work."
Do you have any tips or advice for parents whose children want to get into theatre/acting?
"My first piece of advice to parents who think they want to get their children into acting is just do it! Find somewhere you trust that have professional teachers and trust the process. With the way technology and the lack of social interaction has taken over our world these days, signing them up to learn about acting and theatre will open up a whole new world to them they didn't even know they needed."

Thank you so much to Huck and Malissa Borden for taking the time to share their thoughts!

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