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We are proud to introduce the latest development in our ongoing New Works initiative!

A new works series co-produced by

North Carolina Theatre + Theatre Raleigh



Saturday, February 23, 2019 | Living Arts Collective, Durham, NC

PEACE OF CLAY, a new work by two of the region’s most exciting playwrights – Mike Wiley and Howard L. Craft – explores the pressures, hopes, and aspirations of a young man coming of age in a southern city in the 1980s.

Raised by a devoted mother in the projects, the main character tries to pursue his path in the midst of obstacles large and small, and discovers his own power and strength. The play is a meditation on an African-American lower-working-class family in pursuit of an American dream that always seems to exist just beyond their grasp.

Tickets to Peace of Clay are available as part of the “Reflections” ticket package (includes a ticket to Maytle’s World as well).

See below for details and ticket information.



Saturday, April 13th at 5:30PM | Stephenson’s Farm, Benson, NC

Join us on the farm in Benson, NC where you’ll experience the staged reading of Maytle’s World, a beautiful, visual, and deeply moving piece by 2015-2017 North Carolina Poet Laureate, Shelby Stephenson.

Drawing heavily on Stephenson’s experiences with tobacco farming, hunting with his father, and his beloved mother’s slow demise, with humor and prose, the story unfolds. Set against the backdrop of the “plankhouse” that was Stephenson’s childhood home, Maytle’s World is a loving tribute to life in a rural, working-class community in the mid-twentieth century.

Directed by Eric Woodall (native of Benson, NC now working on Broadway) 

Maytle's World : The Experience

Experiencing this work-in-progress will be visceral.

You will meet the people, taste the food, hear the music, and touch the artifacts – all within an environment that uniquely reflects the lived-in world of the piece.

The Show

Enjoy this completely immersive experience — sipping cool lemonade while watching actors and musicians perform a staged reading on the front porch of the historic plankhouse.

During the evening, you can also take a walk through a pop-up exhibit featuring historical farm artifacts.

Ticketholders with a “Show Only” ticket will park at Stephenson’s Barbecue in Benson, NC and take a shuttle to the event location.

Show begins at 5:30pm    

Dinner & Discussion

Immediately following Maytle’s World, hop on a shuttle that will take you to Stephenson’s Barbecue – where you’ll eat heartily and discuss the two plays.

Ticketholders with a “Dinner & a Show” ticket will park at Stephenson’s Barbecue in Benson, NC and take a shuttle to the event location.

Dinner begins at 7pm


Need a ride to the farm?

Meet us at the Kennedy Theatre (time TBD), and take a chartered bus to the beautiful farm of North Carolina’s 2015-17 Poet Laureate, Shelby Stephenson. The bus will return to the Kennedy following the show and dinner.

Information regarding pick-up times and locations will be provided to those who purchase an “All Inclusive” ticket.

Ticketing Options

All Inclusive

$ 40
  • Both shows
  • Transportation to Benson
  • Dinner & Discussion

Dinner & a Show

$ 30
  • Both shows
  • Dinner & Discussion

Show Only

$ 20
  • Both shows

About the Series

Reflections: Sharing our Stories is a unique collaboration between NC Theatre and Theatre Raleigh.

The goal of the series is to develop North Carolina-based plays that are meant to be viewed in relationship to each other. By allowing each show to reflect the other, we hope to highlight the common values that emerge – even across different geographical and historical settings. Furthermore, by placing each show in dialogue with its counterpart, we hope to encourage audiences to reflect on the connections these stories have to their own lives.

In this way, we view these plays as tools to build unity in this fractured time, where ideological divides can threaten to destroy our hopes of finding common ground.

This search for common ground seems increasingly difficult today, as traditionally shared spaces like the media often cater to ideological extremes. This is especially true in the public examination of the so-called “urban/rural divide.” Yet our experience tells us that common values between urban and rural people in North Carolina abound!

A unique experience unlike any other, plays within our new works series are presented in-development, within the environments that they represent. Audiences will meet the people, taste the food, hear the music, touch the artifacts, and be “in the places” of each play, fully experiencing the life of each space.

We currently have two upcoming events: MAYTLE’S WORLD in September 2018, and PEACE OF CLAY in February 2019. Each will be followed by an artist-led discussion related to lessons learned, and perspectives on the urban/rural divide.

Special thanks to the support of KD and Sara Lynn Kennedy and the North Carolina Arts Council.

This project was supported by the North Carolina Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.