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Theatre Raleigh will hold auditions for the 2014 Hot Summer Nights Season on January 25th, 2014.

The season line up is as follows:

Vanities The Musical: May 14-25, 2014
Blood Done Sign My Name: May 28 – June 8, 2014
Other Desert Cities: June 18-29, 2014
Parade: July 9-27, 2014
Crimes of the Heart: August 13-24, 2014
The Music of Hot Summer Nights: August 29 & 30, 2014

Auditions are open to men and women 14 years and older, and will be held at: Theatre Raleigh Studios, 3027 Barrow Drive in Raleigh, NC

We will be scheduling appointments (in 5 minute increments) from 10AM to 6PM on Saturday, January 25th. Please note: we are limiting this first session to intern candidates, and anyone who has NOT been previously cast in a Theatre Raleigh production.

Callbacks for Parade ONLY will be held the following day: Sunday, January 26th. If you are selected for a callback, we will send you an email shortly after your audition with the appropriate sides to prepare for the next day. Please keep in mind that callbacks will be scheduled from 10am-6pm on the 26th.

If you HAVE worked with us before, and are interested in auditioning for PARADE, please submit yourself for consideration using the email address provided below. If we feel you are right for one of the open roles, we will you contact us to schedule an audition time during the callback session on Sunday, January 26th. We will email you sides to prepare ahead of time.

** Callbacks will be held for PARADE ONLY on Sunday, January 26th. We will hold additional callbacks for the rest of the season at a later date.**

All those auditioning must be available for both production and rehearsal dates (which run two or three weeks prior to the production’s opening). No conflicts allowed.

To schedule an audition, please electronically submit a headshot and resume to If you are auditioning on the 25th, please prepare either a 1-minute monologue or 32 bars from a song of your choice. An accompanist will be provided but please bring your own sheet music. Sides will be distributed prior to callbacks the following day.

For more information about the 2014 season, and character breakdowns for each show, please visit us on Facebook or at

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Vanities the Musical

May 14-25, 2014

Based on the award-winning play, three best friends journey through high school, college, and their professional life, remembering the ups and downs of their 40 year friendship.

Kathy: (Female, 16-30, mezzo) The planner turned bookworm, New Yorker.

Joanne: (Female, 16-30, soprano) Sweet, naive southern girl who marries and becomes extremely conservative.

Mary: (Female, 16-30, alto) Confident woman who runs and art gallery and explores sexual liberation.


Other Desert Cities 

June 18-29, 2014

Brooke Wyeth returns home to Palm Springs after a six year absence, to celebrate Christmas with her parents, brother, and aunt …and to announce that she is about to publish a memoir dredging up a pivotal and tragic event in the family’s history – a wound they don’t want reopened. In effect, she draws a line in the sand and dares them all to cross it. 

Brooke Wyeth: (Female, late 30s) A liberal writer who has returned home from the east to write a memoir.

Polly Wyeth: (Female, 60s) An acid tongued, former Hollywood screen writer who is now a respected member of political circles as a result of her husband’s career. She wants what is best for her children as long as it does not involve ruining the family name.

Lyman Wyeth: (Male, 60s) Ronald Reagan’s contemporary, he is a benevolent actor turned politician. His demeanor is in complete contrast with that of his wife, Polly.

Silda Grauman: (Female, 60s) The funny drunk sister of Polly who momentarily takes turns towards pathetic.

Trip Wyeth: (Male, mid 30s) The laid back younger brother.



July 7 -25th

A regional premiere for the Triangle, Parade tells the tragic, true story of the trial and lynching of a man wrongly accused of murder. Winner of the 2000 Tony Award for Best Book and Best Score, its subject matter offers a moral lesson about the dangers of prejudice and ignorance that should not be forgotten.

LEO FRANK- A Jewish man who runs the National Pencil Company in Atlanta, Georgia, and is accused of killing Mary Phagan. 35-40. Great actor and singer. High baritone/tenor.

“How Can I Call This Home” “What Am I Waiting For” “Come Up To My Office” “It’s Hard To Speak My Heart” “This Is Not Over Yet” “All The Wasted Time” “Sh’ma”

HUGH DORSEY – The charismatic and ambitious prosecuting attorney. 30’s Strong actor. Charm. Charisma. Baritone

“Something Ain’t Right, “Twenty Miles From Marietta”, “The Glory”

YOUNG CONFEDERATE SOLDIER A young Confederate soldier that appears inthe Prologue./FRANKIE EPPS-Mary’s friend and suitor /GUARD. 18-25. Soaring Tenor voice. Boyish. Could be short. Could be tall and wiry.

“Old Red Hills of Home” “The Picture Show” “It Don’t Make Sense To Me” “Finale (Old Red Hills Reprise)”

MAN 4: NEWT LEE - The night watchman at the National Pencil Company the night that Mary was killed./ JIM CONLY-The janitor at The National Pencil Company, and the star witness at the trial./RILEY – African American. Strong actor with rich baritone; low and high notes.

“I’m Trying To Remember..” “That’s What He Said”“Rumblin and Rollin”“Feel The Rain Fall”

MAN 5: OFFICER STARNES- Chief of Atlanta Police Department/TOM WATSON- the Right wing editor of the zealot newspaper, the Jeffersonian.Seeking actor in 30’s. Could cheat age up or down for right person. Dynamic, zealous tenor.

“Lullaby” “Hammer of Justice” “Where Will You Stand When The Flood Comes” 

MAN 6: GOVERNOR SLATON - Governor of Georgia/BRITT CRAIG- Drunken journalist for the Atlanta Georgian/MR. PEAVY- Guard at the Milledgeville prison. Actor in 40’s. Preferably a good dancer. Tenor voice more important though. Song and Dance Man; great actor.

“Real Big News” “Pretty Music”

MAN 7: OLD CONFEDERATE SOLDIER- Older version of Young Soldier/ JUDGE ROAN-presides over Leo’s trial/ GUARD - at Fulton Tower Prison 50’s/60’s. High Baritone/Tenor. Ideally an older man with a glorious voice.

“Old Red Hills of Home” “The Glory”

MAN 8: OFFICER IVY/ LUTHER ROSSER - Leo’s attorney/ GUARD Any age. Probably on the younger side-20’s. Great ensemble voice.

LUCILLE FRANK will be played by Lauren Kennedy

MARY PHAGAN -A thirteen-year-old employee at the National Pencil Company who is murdered in the basement of the factory. (16-20) Beautiful girl. Strong singer, but doesn’t have to be THE strongest singer

“The Picture Show” “Frankie’s Testimony”

WOMAN 3: MINNIE MCKNIGHT- Maid to Leo and Lucille/ANGELA African American. Can make any age work.  Great soulful, big voice.

“Minola McKnight’s Testimony/ Reprise” “Rumblin’ and Rollin’”

WOMAN 4: MRS. PHAGAN- Mother to Mary/ SALLY SLATON- Governor’s wife 20’s/30’s. Preferably a dancer with a great singing voice.

“My Child Will Forgive Me”

WOMAN 5: IOLA STOVER- Mary’s best friend from the factory 18-25. Beautiful, more sexuality than the other girls. Great voice. Short is always good, especially to help “read young” if actual age is closer to 25.

“He Calls My Name” 

WOMAN 6: MONTEEN- Mary’s friend from the factory 18-25 . Great voice. Short is always good, especially to help “read young” if actual age is closer to 25.

 “He Calls My Name” 

WOMAN 7: ESSIE- Mary’s friend from the factory 18-25 Great voice. Short is always good, especially to help “read young” if actual age is closer to 25.

“He Calls My Name” 


Crimes of the Heart

August 13-24, 2014

At the core of this tragic comedy, which won the Pulitzer Prize, is a trio of sisters from Mississippi who reunite after the youngest sister shoots her abusive husband. Past resentments bubble to the surface as they’re forced to deal with assorted relatives and past relationships, while coping with the latest incident that has disrupted their lives. 

Lenora (Lenny) Magrath: (30s) The oldest sister who has been caring for their grandfather. She is jealous of her sisters and feels that they received preferential treatment during their upbringing.

Chick Boyle: (late 20s) The sisters’ cousin who is very demanding and concerned with the community’s opinion of her.

Doc Porter: (30s) Meg’s old boyfriend who was injured in a hurricane while waiting for Meg. He now has children and a wife but stays close to the family.

Meg Magrath: (late 20s) Failed singer who, at 11, discovered her mother dead causing her to be obsessed with morbidity.

Rebecca (Babe) Botrelle: (early 20s) The youngest sister who shoots her husband because of his cruel treatment of her.

Barnette Lloyd: (mid-late 20s) Babe’s talented and ambitious lawyer.


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